Peachy Chicken Cast

Merrily Antony

Merrily graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Engineering Technology and has a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering. She has performed with several improv groups since 1996, including ComedySportz-Portland, Your Other Left, The BEE Word, Screaming Mee-Mees, Dirty 20, and Harmonic Dissonance. She is also the very happy mama to Zach and Katerina. She likes football, video games, and comic books. Right on.

Bill Cernansky

Bill is a member of the ensemble at ComedySportz-Portland (2001-present) and was n the ensemble the former Brody Improv Theater from 2016-2018. He is also a cast member of the improv troupes Harmonic Dissonance, Dirty 20, and B & B, and directs and teaches as well. He has performed at dozens improv festivals across the USA and Europe. Bill loves pinball. Oh, and cookies — got any? IMDB

Erin Cunningham

Improvising since 1997, Erin has lived and improvised in both Chicago and Portland. Peachy is extra special to her because it includes some of the first improvisers she ever met along with some of her newest make-'em-up buddies.​ In addition to the Chickens, Erin is also a proud member of Dirty 20 and Green Eggs and Cunningham, and was a member of the enemble of Gladys Kravitz.

Brad Fortier

Brad Fortier was an original member of Portland’s former Brody Theater. He is also well known as a film and stage actor (The Benefits of Gusbandry, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Road House: The Play). Brad directs, performs and teaches improv not only locally but across the globe. He holds an M.A. in the interdisciplinary study of anthropology and improvised theater. He is the author of the book Long-Form Improvisation: Collaboration, Comedy, Communion, an academic work on the anthropology of improvised theater. Brad also has a number of articles both scholarly and artistic on his website,

Betse Green

Betse is a member of the ensemble at ComedySportz-Portland (2001-present) and was a member of the former Brody Improv Theater from 2016-2018. She is an improv director and instructor, as well as a founding member of the improv groups B & B, Moist Splendor and Harmonic Dissonance. She is a veteran of several dozen improv and comedy festivals in North America and Europe, including SFIT (San Francisco), CIF (Chicago), Del Close, IFCincy, AS-IF, PIF (Phoenix), Improvaganza (Honolulu) and Stumptown Improv Festival. If anything naughty happens in our shows, Betse is probably the instigator. Unless it's Merrily. IMDB

John Lascurettes

Master of a thousand beards, this crafty improv veteran has played with ComedySportz in Portland and San Jose since 1994. He has played guest to various long-form improv groups and theaters. He was also co-creator and co-star of a sketch comedy pilot in the nineties that you never ever saw. He'd love to show it to you if you're buying the beer. A strong advocate of getting around by bicycle, he's someone you may have seen at one of Portland's record-setting World Naked Bike Rides. All of him. IMDB

Craig McCarty

Craig has been a fixture of the Portland and Chicago improv and sketch communities since 1999. He currently teaches and plays at Portland's Kickstand Comedy Theater. Craig performed in Chicago with IO Harold team Chopper and the Playground Theater team The Fling, while somehow maintaining his career with ComedySportz-Portland. He also plays with the D&D homage Dirty 20.

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